Birch glued panels

Birch glued panels – birch tree has high physical-mechanical properties – it is strong and durable, especially for impact loads, but not resistant to softening with high humidity. Birch is very similar to precious trees, so it is widely used in interior finishing. Also used for making woodcarvings. Used in plywood and furniture production.

The quality we produce:

AA – panel on both sides with a knotless and uniform shade

AB – Upper side of the panel with knotless and uniform shade, some small branches on the underside.

BC – Some small branches are allowed on the upper side of the panel, unlimited twigs and color change on the underside.


Finger jointed edge glued panels

Finger-jointed glued panels are made by gluing a combed piece of wood in the form of scallops. Finger-jointed lumber is also widely used for the manufacture of window and door jambs, the dimensions of which play less compared to conventional lumber, especially in conditions where there are significant differences between the indoor temperature and the outside temperature.

Finger-jointed material is cheaper than a product glued from same length lamels, as its production can utilize excess production. In the production of wood, there is always a surplus of production – they can be used to finger-trap the pieces.

The poorer part of the wood is cut out, such as: branches, resin shells, cracks, sine, etc. And a good material is already finger-jointed. On the side of the shield you can see the comb and the shield and only a thin stripe. So the look of the shield is not broken.

Edge glued panels with full stave

This is a choice of quality material. This kind of material creates an effect on a broad uniform wooden panel.

Production uses the best, undamaged, long blanks. Finding such wood is quite complicated and is also more expensive than finger-jointed wood. Also, the longer the workpiece, the higher the price per square meter.

Details of edge glued panels

Glued detail is a component made of several parts glued or made of a single piece of raw material that can be used in the production of stairs or furniture (table legs). It is a semi-finished product made to the most standard dimensions.