Riverbank Ltd.

Riverbank OÜ produces edge-glued panels of birch and oak, with finger jointed and full stave, and also constructional finger jointed beams.

We are capable of producing high quality products. We have partners in Scandinavian countries, Netherlands, Germany, France and Estonia, thanks to whom we have been able to ensure outstanding quality and guarantee the desired quantities on time.

The main products of Riverbank OÜ are edge-glued panels made of birch and oak. With the help of modern technology, we are able to produce laminated wood panels even more flexible and versatile.

We have the most extensive production experience in making 15-50mm thick glued panels

All production is based on customer order and size

We can produce panels with dimensions:

Length: max 4000mm

Width: max. 1300mm

Thickness: max 100mm

Our main material used to produce solid wood beds is pine wood, also possibility to produce of birch and oak as well. Our long-term experienced professional workers can produce our products quickly and with high quality.

We have been producing solid wood products for our customers for a long time and have won the trust in their eyes thanks to the good quality and price of the products. Solid wood furniture is a cost-effective investment, as wooden furniture will be accepted for years and decades in the case of proper maintenance.


Our mission is to focus on the quality of the client’s or consumer’s product, ensuring their satisfaction and positive emotion and valuing their desires and expectations. We are sustainable company and also certified by the FSC® FSC-C168312. By guaranteeing these values, our company employs specialists in our field.


Our vision is to be an evolving and willing company that sees opportunities and potential in new minds. We want to increase sales in Scandinavia and Germany and to be required and appreciated in the markets for these products. We want to upgrade our production technologies faster and more modern, providing workers with an ever-better working environment.