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Solid wood furniture – Why to choose?

Riverbank OÜ is focused and has just chosen to make solid wood furniture and we will try to explain why you just choose solid wood furniture.

We all want our purchased items to last as long as possible, so here’s the reason to choose solid wood furniture as it lasts for many years. Of course, the idea can first be removed from the price of the products, because the difference between the amounts of furniture and the furniture can sometimes be quite large. Therefore, buying solid wood furniture may seem pointless, as the furniture plate also looks very good and strong. In the long run, however, buying a solid wood product is much more meaningful and economical. If you keep your solid wood furniture very well, it can probably last a lifetime and even inherit it.

Solid wood is strong, time gears don’t bother it, and some dashes are not a scratch to fix. Solid wood fits perfectly in any interior. Wood gives the room warmth and cosiness.
Of course it is also characterized by a beautiful and decorative appearance. Solid wood products do not burden the environment as all other solutions do. It is a natural material that does not stay in the nature and does not pollute the environment.

The roots of this production building date back to 1997, from where solid wood furniture has been produced in our production facilities and will continue to do so. In our product range you will find a variety of beds made of pine for both adults and children. If necessary, we have a very acute choice of beds for children. There are also people in the company’s staff who have purchased our own products.

Several representatives of kindergarten and children’s camps have also contacted us who have wanted to buy crib beds and have remained very happy! There have been some doubts about strength, but we guarantee the durability of solid wood and our products.

We value the solid wood very much and we hope that you have decided or decided to do it!